Accessible Recording Studios

I went to see a live band yesterday evening; I’d heard the singer Simon before (amazing voice) but not playing with his band. They are called littlemen and there are five of them – at least five of them on the stage. The sixth member is the lyricist (Nick) and he is sitting in the audience in a wheelchair. They are very interesting band and I discovered that Nick runs a recording studio (NAM) a few miles away; many quite famous bands (including Robert Plant and K T Tunstall have recorded there) and he has designed it to be fully accessible.

Life is not fair sometimes

So this morning I googled the studio name, to find out a bit more about this. First thing I discovered was that his original studio was built without full planning permission and the local council forced him to demolish it, in 2016 – very helpful of them – and he lost all his money. He obviously has recovered in some way, as the website lists many artists who record there. I would have hoped the local council would have been a bit more considerate.

Accessibility in Recording Studios

From interest, I searched more on the net and discovered somewhere called Drake Music, a national organisation, who not only have developed accessible and inclusive studios, but also special instruments to enable functionally diverse people to produce music. Read more about that in my number 2 blog.