Growmat: 4th Transnational Project Meeting in Helsinki (Finland)

On 6th & 7th June 2018, the 4th transnational project meeting of GROWMAT took place in Helsinki (Finland), at Haaga-Helia University. The meeting was attended by all project partners: Greece (p-consulting), United Kingdom (Age UK Banes, Bridgwater &Taunton College, T2 Consulting), Spain (CDEA, Errotu Taldea SLP), Slovenia (SSGT Maribor), Finland (Haaga-Helia) and Belgium (EfVET).

During the meeting, partners discussed and finalized all the main issues related to the E-learning material & platform for Inclusive Tourism (modules, resources, learning outcomes etc) and the implementation of the training to each partner country.

Moreover, participants discussed about monitoring issues (multiplier events in partners countries, financial and dissemination reports etc) and reviewed all the steps that have to be taken in order to run the pilot courses in their countries.