Entrepreneurs’ Day was held on the 29th of January at Cdea. As in previous years it enabled Business and Entrepreneurship students to take part in the pitch contest judged by a panel of experts in the field.

The new technologies and accessibility formed the theme for this year’s event. To open the day, Marijo Irastorza, Xabi Diaz and Gorka González presented the Growmat (for accessible tourism) and Empower (for digital literacy) European programmes; Cdea is taking part in both. This was followed by a series of speakers who spoke on various aspects of the theme for the day: Marijo Moreno explained the importance of accessibility, Guillaume Fontagné spoke on digital marketing in tourism and Zuriñe De Anzola about the importance of adapting digital platforms to the handicapped.

To close the first half of the event speakers from Fomento, Tknika and Elkargi explained the support available for those deciding to undertake a business project. There was also a round table discussion between members of Secot, Creactivalia and Innovatx and Xabi Ortiz (chef and writer); they talked about the professional and personal aspects of entrepreneurship.

Last of all came the pitch contest won by the Cooking Department Staff with their El rapidito project. While the judges were deliberating, students and other attendees were able to talk to Xabi Ortiz about his book “Las leyendas del Caldero” (Legends out of the Cauldron) and have a look at the innovative products from Innovatx.

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