Joint Staff Training in UK

The Joint Staff Training meeting for Growmat Project took place in Taunton, UK, from 22 to 26 of May 2017.

The partners worked together for 5 days, using the method of Service Design, to create an effective training course on Accessible Tourism.

During the Service Design procedure, useful feedback was taken into account from:

  • Experts in the tourism sector, such as tourism entrepreneurs, business mentors, tourism professors e.t.c.,
  • people of the project’s target group, such as old people, students, people who are working in the tourist sector etc,

During the meeting, a brief thematic visit took place to a touristic site, recording accessibility features.

The main outcomes which were produced during the meeting were the following:

  • Specify the desired soft skills that the target group should gain from the training
  • Determine the pedagogical approach which will be used
  • Adjust the details of the training course
  • Specify the following steps of the implementation of the project

Partners decided that the training curriculum will be finalised the following months. Then the training course of Growmat will be launched to public.

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