Meeting for the European Project Growmat

Transnational meeting for the European Project Erasmus+ (KA2) Growmat in Patras

The third meeting for the European project Growmat (Erasmus+ -KA2) will take place in Patras on March 20-21. At the meeting, which is going to be held at p-consulting offices, all the main issues related to the implementation of the e-learning program for professionals and employees in the tourism sector and accessibility will be discussed.

The duration of Growmat is going to be 2 years and aims to increase the knowledge and skills of workers in various tourism sectors and make them aware of accessibility issues.

P-consulting in collaboration with the project  partners, Cdea and Errotu from  Spain, AgeUKT2consulting and Bridgewater & Taunton College from UK, Maribor from Slovenia, Haaga-Helia from Finland and EfVET from Belgium, will design and create a responsive e-learning platform, which will be used during the implementation of the training program and will be offered for free to the european citizens.