San Sebastian Working on Accessible Tourism

The office of Tourism in San Sebastian, Donostia Turismo, has started developing a diagnosis around the situation of the city regarding the accessible tourism which is being developed by Errotu (partner of Growmat), Baskforall, and Zuriñe Anzola.


The tourism has been increasing in San Sebastian between 5 and 10% each year for the last 10 years more or less and the city is receiving visitors from all over the world. As a consecuence of this, there has been also an increasing demand for products, services and activities from people with special needs.

Donostia Turismo has realised that the city has very good conditions in some aspects of inclusive tourism, but that they need to improve the information they provide around all the accessibility chain in San Sebastian. As a first step for this improvement it has been decided to develop a deep diagnosis of all these aspets of the accessibility chain in San Sebastian, in order to stablish the strenghts of the city and the improvements areas of its inclusive tourism offer.


The 15th of may a co-creation event took part with the participation of 30 people, different service providers and users with various functional diversities. The satisfaction level was really high among the participants, and they reached conclusions such as the good accessibility conditions of the public spaces and transport in San Sebastian, and the improvements needed around the training of service providers and the information and communication of accessibility issues.

The conclusión of this event will be a key aspect of the diagnosis of the city.